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Pazartesi, 06 Nis 2020
Fine Cyclo A Series

Fine Cyclo A Series (0)

More applications in high clock speed and precise positioning is required to increase the efficiency of machinery or to open up new areas of application. For these application areas Sumitomo Drive Technologies has developed finely graded series person gear backlash.

Whether point or path-controlled movements - tailored to the driving task drive technology provides the required performance.

The Fince Cyclo A Series features right to the point positioning capabilities, backlash free performance, and kits for demanding requirements and various installation situation.


Ratio 29:1 bis 179:1 (single stage)
Rated torque bis 5140 Nm
Beschleunigungsdrehmoment up to 7610 Nm
Number of Sizes 4 bzw. 6 (abhängig von der Getriebetype)
FC-A         cylindrical body
F1C-A       cylindrical body
F2C-A        cylindrical body
F2CF-A      Flange
F3C-A        Flange
Lost Motion < 1 arcmin

 Advantages of Fine Cyclo Series

  • Low hysteresis for accurate positioning
  • Compact design
  • High torsional stiffness
  • Low mass moments of inertia
  • High overload capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Simple assembly and motor mounting
  • Clamping ring design for Motor mounting without key possible
  • Lifetime lubricated for any position


FC-A        Mounting kit no output-side storage 
F1C-A   Gearbox with integrated cross roller bearing
F2C-A   Gear with integral tapered roller bearing
F3C-A   Cylindrical gear with output shaft; taper roller bearings

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